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Shades of Love


We are preapring to present a cocnert of songs representing the various facets of Romantic Love.  Indian film music is rich with an inexaustible supply of such material.  Our program will consist of 20 songs from various Hindi films, from the 1950s to the more recent ones. Most of the songs will be done as solos with support from the chorus, wherever appropriate. Our performance is slated for May 15, 2016, in Murphy Theater, Iona College, New Rochelle, NY.


ORCHESTRA  The chorus will be accompanied by a small orchestra of about 10-12 musicians, made up of Indian and Western instruments.


JOIN US  We are actively seeking additional singers and instrumentalists. You do not have to be of professional caliber (though we’d love to have them),  you do need to have reasonable musical ability, i.e., should be able to sing on the correct pitches and have a decent idea of singing with rhythm. Musicians too don’t need to be professionals, so long as they can play their instrument well. We welcome and seek moderately advanced amateurs who want to perform for the joy of performing and are willing to commit to the rehearsal schedule mentioned below.


REHEARSALS  In order to properly prepare for the concert, it is necessary to have once weekly rehearsals, each 2 hours long.  All participants are urged to attend almost all the rehearsals in order to perform well.


We urge you to contact us.  The contact information is given on the Contact Us page.


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